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Family business

Steven van Roggen is 'family commissioner' at Koopmans and describes why Koopmans is still a real family business.

“Royal Koopmans is a family business. The company started as a one-man business in the mid-19th century and has developed into a thriving business with more than 125 employees.

The corporate philosophy that is so typical of family businesses and of Koopmans in particular, was already beautifully described as early as 1928 by Jan Koopmans, who wrote in a letter to his son Uco Koopmans:

"You young folks completely understand the principles of doing business. Strictly righteous, faithful and honest not only in detail, but in the whole being, to give others what is due to them, but also put yourself in the other's shoes."

'The Factory'

Nowadays, there are no longer any family members involved in the daily activities at the 'Factory', as Koopmans is referred to in the family circle. This does not detract from the sense of commitment, however, which is still high. Approximately 195 family members are currently shareholders or certificate holders. The sixth generation is coming forward.

Koopmans greatly values its status as a family business and wants to keep its shareholders actively involved. That is why everyone is informed quarterly by means of the newsletter about developments within Koopmans. Attendance at the annual shareholders' meeting is always high. It's a true family reunion that people like to go to. It is striking how well-informed and interested everyone is.

Once every two years, a so-called Youth Day is organised, with which we also want to kindle enthusiasm for the 'Factory' in the young generation. During these Youth Days, all aspects of the flour and breadcrumbs factory were introduced. This Youth Day has since developed into a family day, where young and old are welcome. The only condition for attending is being a family member. This day is always about strengthening the bond between the shareholders and the 'Factory'.

The family day is organised by the Koopmans Family Crew, a group of young family members. In addition to organising the family day, the Family Crew also brainstorms about how to strengthen the bond between family and the 'Factory'.

Since the departure of the last director-family member, one family member has always been actively involved in Royal Koopmans. One of the commissioners always comes from the circle of family members. In addition to their general supervisory role, this commissioner has the task of maintaining the relationship with family members."

Steven van Roggen - Commissioner at Royal Koopmans from the shareholders/family members

Alle familieleden zijn nog altijd zeer betrokken bij Koopmans

Steven van Roggen - familielid en certificaathouder