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Koopmans Bind-it

Koopmans Bind-it is the innovative clean label bindingsystem that works excellent for fish and vegetables!

Koopmans Bind-it

Binding of vegetables and fish faces many challenges. For example good sticking of particles, optimal forming properties and a finished product with a juicy but firm texture and excellent flavor profile. Koopmans Bind-it is the perfect wheat-based clean label solution that fulfills these needs.

The advantages of Koopmans Bind-it:

• Clean label
• Excellent binding properties
• High quality end products with juicy and firm texture
• Excellent flavour profile
• A flexible and widely applicable system
• Cost in use efficient
• Easy to use

Check here the Koopmans Bind-it infosheet with recipe examples.pdf

Koopmans Bind-it combines good binding functionalities with a clean label declaration.