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Development pillars

We weigh up all our developments and innovations against the development pillars of our 'Force of Nature' sustainability programme. This is how we guide our strategic choices and contribute to a healthy future for the entire chain.

Development pillars 'Force of Nature'

Our KIEM Innovation Centre is the technological heart of Royal Koopmans and the driving force behind research, product innovations and applied knowledge.

Based on the pillars of 'Force of Nature', our KIEM technologists are continuously developing grain-based solutions with and for our customers.

These development pillars are:

100% natural       
Pure and natural solutions, without artificial additives or E numbers

Less fat, salt, oil or sugar, more fibre and protein; healthier solutions

Clarity about the origin of our grain

We are constantly developing a wider organic product range

Dutch grain 
Wherever possible, we work with grain from Dutch fields

Sustainability in the chain is important, we still want to be around 100 years from now!

Dirk Lodewijk - CEO Royal Koopmans