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We believe in consciously dealing with people, the environment and nature. At Koopmans, sustainability is not a goal in itself, but a way to make choices and give substance to our processes and product development, based on sustainable raw materials and a sustainable chain. Our products are free of E numbers and clean label. From sowing to harvesting, from milling to baking: with knowledge, craftsmanship and enthusiasm we strive for products with as much power as possible from nature. Pure in origin!

Sustainable development with 'Force of Nature'


We weigh up all our developments and innovations against the development pillars of our 'Natural Power' sustainability programme. In this way, we guide our strategic choices and contribute to a healthy future for the entire chain.

Our KIEM Innovation Centre is the technological heart of Royal Koopmans and the driving force behind research, product innovations and applied knowledge. Based on the 'Force of Nature' sustainability pillars, KIEM technologists are constantly developing grain-based solutions with and for our customers.

The development pillars are:

100% natural / Clean label
Pure and natural solutions, without artificial additives or E numbers

Less fat, salt, oil or sugar, more fibre and protein; healthier solutions

Clarity about the origin of our grain

We are constantly developing a wider organic product range

Dutch grain 
Wherever possible, we work with grain from Dutch fields

A sustainable food chain

Koopmans has been a partner of the Skylark Foundation for many years. The Skylark Foundation aims to "stimulate sustainable food chains by facilitating a guaranteed sustainability system".

In 2002, at the initiative of Heineken, a project was started with ten arable farmers from Flevoland to jointly discover how to achieve equal or even better returns in the long term with as little input as possible, without further damage to the environment and preferably at a lower cost. After three years, it became clear that sustainable business operations provide plenty of opportunities. The Skylark Foundation is quartermaster of the recently launched Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery.

Sustainable arable farming

The Skylark Foundation was established in 2006 to continue the search for sustainable arable farming on a broader and larger scale. Fifty growers from Flevoland and a number of partners have committed themselves to continuing to build this foundation. Since 2012, Koopmans has also firmly supported this as a partner. The first 600 tonnes of sustainably grown “Skylark Wheat” were grown on the field of the Jensma partnership in the Westhoek, and were subsequently used for the regional concept “Fryske Bôle”.

Important ambition

Koopmans later joined forces with Agrifirm, another partner of Skylark. Tonnages have increased year on year. Since this year, Koopmans has also expanded its cooperation with regard to sustainability with the Zeeland-based cooperative CZAV. CZAV is a long-standing supplier of home-grown wheat through the joint sales office of CZAV and Agrifirm, called Cebeco.

This harvest year, Koopmans includes more than 13,000 tonnes of sustainably grown Dutch 'Skylark' baking wheat in its blends. The total volume of home-grown wheat is growing fast towards 80,000 MT. This demonstrates that Koopmans takes local sourcing seriously. Increasing the sustainability of all our purchased wheat continues to be an important ambition. A company with such a rich history must, after all, also handle its future with care.

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Dirk Lodewijk appointed member of the board of the Skylark Foundation

As CEO at Royal Koopmans, Dirk Lodewijk is ultimately responsible for making the organisation more sustainable. In other words, thinking and acting every day with a view to still being around in 100 years' time. This goal was sufficient reason for Koopmans to join Skylark as a chain partner a few years ago. According to Koopmans, sustainable cultivation and production is a 'license-to-operate'. Sustainably grown wheat is part of Koopmans' endeavours to market more and purer ingredients under the sustainability label Natural Power. Dirk Lodewijk has been a board member of the Skylark Foundation since the end of 2018.

Lodewijk: "During my career at FrieslandCampina and my studies in Wageningen, I was highly involved in chain cooperation and I also experienced in practice how difficult this is to achieve. Skylark offers a wonderful platform to combine these aspects: sustainability and transparency about cooperation in the agro-food chain. This aspect is becoming increasingly important to a growing group of consumers."