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Our main strategic goal is: sustainable valorisation of the grain kernel, pure in origin. We have been doing this since 1846. We achieve our goal first and foremost by staying true to who we are: a family business with a long-term approach, for food processing companies in craft and industry. We are also continuously innovating.

Our vision

Eating habits are changing and new demands on food safety and transparency arise.
We believe grain is one of the best providers of valuable nutrition. In the small grain kernel there is a world to discover. Based on the craftsmanship of 175 years, our family company will always use the latest consumer insights and technology to develop new sustainable food solutions based on grain. This is how we are able to contribute to good and nutritious food since 1846.

Our mission

We develop and provide innovative food solutions based on grain to meet the continuous changing consumer demands for delicious, nutritious and sustainable food.

Our core values

6e105fea-e450-580c-969c-f63065961b3fOur core values explain who we are, as colleagues and in collaboration with our customers. We have summarised these values in the Royal Koopmans House of Values.

Strategic key points

  • Focusing on the long term as a distinctive family business of food-processing companies in craft and industry
  • Extracting sustainable value from grain through internal focus and external cooperation
  • Investing in products and recipes in cooperation with chain partners
  • Stimulating change and improvement, both internally and externally
  • Anchoring the value of origin and sustainability in chain cooperation

Who are our customers?

We assist food producers around the world who are looking for natural and pure ingredients to produce or enrich food. Royal Koopmans supplies them with the best innovative grain-based solutions to make food healthier, tastier and as clean and natural as possible. 

Our technological heart

Our KIEM Innovation Centre is the technological heart of Royal Koopmans and the driving force behind research, product innovations and applied knowledge.

Based on the pillars of 'Force of Nature', our KIEM technologists are continuously developing grain-based solutions with and for our customers.

Those pillars are:

  • Clean & Natural : pure and natural solution, without unnatural additives or E numbers
  • Health                  : lower in fat, salt, oils and sugar, more fibres and proteins. The more healthy solutions in food
  • Transparent        : traceability and open about the origin of our products is important         
  • Organic                : develop our organic assortment for all business units
  • Dutch origin        : grain from dedicated Dutch growers, with a lower footprint